Secondary Niche : Fetish Porn
Added : 03 May 2012, Updated : 03 May 2012
  1. Beautiful Hi-res pictures
  2. Excellent hi-quality videos
  3. Zipped photo sets available
  4. Frequent updates
  1. No bonus sites
  2. No streaming
  3. No full-length downloads available
  4. No subtitles available
If you love watching weak males be ordered around by silicone dicked females who have stronger wills, then this gender bending site will please you immensely. There are some videos where gender bending seems to come closer to gender breaking, but it's what floats their boat, you know? They are very serious about matching the title of this site to the action too. The guys are basically businessmen, the kind that you would never, ever suspect to be wishing for such denigrating action, but that's what happens to them. They are not gay, please do not misinterpret this site, it's about males who are males, having the inclination to be fucked by strong females wearing strap-ons, and it's on!

The site itself is pretty good, as they will have and have had twice weekly updates. Unfortunately the videos are in a language other than English, and even more unfortunate is the fact that there are no subtitles supplied.

There are over 110 movies available, and the average length is approximately 13 minutes. Do not look for full-length downloads either, it's just not happening here. The movies have been split in three to 4 different truly excellent clips. There are no download limits though, and no DRM protection either. Strangely enough, though I suppose it's an American thing, their movies may not stream either. Americans seem to love streaming, but it's just not available here. The video format is avi, by the way and their quality can definitely be described as exceedingly high. .

Now, their picture sets are incredible, as these are Hi-res picrures. There are over 150 pic sets, and in each set is approximately 50 pictures. They can be downloaded in Zip files though, so that's extremely helpful for the picture collector.

Although we could call this forced feminization, there are no trannys, and definitely no guys playing dress up or pretending to be female in any way but to get fucked royally up the ass by dildo wearing women. The fucking is usually pretty violent, in most of the scenes, and that seems to be the "butt" of it all, that they are being forced to take it like a man! Yes, I know that's confusing, but it really does describe the site more than adequately.

The women are all drop-dead gorgeous as far as I am concerned, and most of them are downright stacked! The action is definitely hard-core, yet albeit somewhat limited. Each lady plays an unambiguous Femdom character, and the guys can only be described as sissys, yet I use that term with reservation. In some of the videos the guys are forced to go down on the Femdom, and are face fucked with abandon before being made to bare their assholes to the strap-on that then assaults their derriere with sheer abandon.

Content is beyond doubt very hot, ultimately creative and without doubt totally exclusive. The women are shown as somewhat sadistic, with most of them having a strong dominant style. Just an arched eyebrow sends some of these males scurrying to obey their female Dommes!
A very hefty negative about the site is that there are utterly no bonus sites offered, nor given. Guess again that it's an American thing, but 99% of porn sites today offer bonus sites, some more than others, granted, but at least one other site?
The Bottom Line
With all the drawbacks already mentioned, the site is still quite enjoyable due to the well-lit scenes in very nice locales and the women do play their parts very convincingly. As mentioned the pics are in Hi-res and just cannot be beat! They are amazing and you will find yourself seriously drawn into them. Expect to see powerful women and very weak men, more or less a stereotype of female Domination genres. The quality of each of the videos is also particularly pleasing. In that respect, the site has gone over and above some of my expectations. If it were not for them speaking an Eastern European language and subtitles were evident, it may have left a better taste in my mouth, however again I reiterate that I believe that this is bothering us because we are Americans, and I do believe that we all think that everyone should speak English, even the porn actors!